The Unseen Side

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A Collection of Gifts

I will never sell the artworks in this collection. They are gifts as a token of my appreciation. This collection is my way of giving back to those who have given so much to me.
Each piece is a symbol of gratitude.

Digital Constructivism

In this collection I experiment with the principles of the constructivist art movement, striving to forge a new digital counterpart.
Constructivism was an early twentieth-century art movement which embraced the theory that art should be “constructed” from modern materials and techniques in order to serve a societal purpose instead of merely making an abstract statement.
The movement was conceived of out of a need for a new aesthetic language, one benefitting of a progressive new era in history. Just like the new era blockchain technology is ushering in.

Starting from unfinished projects with visible software interfaces, I use my own work as raw materials to create something new and unique. Embracing the constructivist art philosophy, but in a new digital form.

As an artist, I believe in the power of transparency and vulnerability. Showing my artwork in an unfinished state is a reflection of my innermost thoughts and emotions. I believe that by showing others, I am giving them a glimpse into my creative process and the raw, unfiltered expression of my art.

By doing so, I am not just showing my finished work, but also the struggles, the failures, and the experimentation that goes into creating my work. The software and UI you are seeing is a place where I'm constantly pushing boundaries, making mistakes, and discovering new ways of thinking.


The artworks are named based on the number of vertices forming them.
These vertices are the building blocks of 3D shapes, they form the essence of these digital structures.


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This artwork is a gift to Zir0h, a token of gratitude for guiding me into the TEIA community and assisting me in my Tezos journey.

Constructed from: OBJKT#843626

Created using open-source software.
Stored on Arweave.



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This artwork is a gift to KingCoco as a gesture of gratitude.
I am thankful for your support as a collector, it plays a crucial role in allowing me to continue making my work.

Constructed from: 0x0cbc472197a73555d79ae1535fa0c17389379511/1

Created using open-source software.
Stored on Arweave.


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This art piece is a gift to MVTTNFT as a demonstration of gratitude.
Your support as a collector has been invaluable to me and I want to thank you for it.

Constructed from: 0xa4cbac73fa850e431303245ac23a688eef1b0056/273

Created using open-source software.
Stored on Arweave.