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Over the past 4 years, I've worked on and off on this project, learning and experimenting in between other projects. I'm excited that it's finally finished and is now ready for its next phase.

Quartz Genesis is a time-based artwork, consisting of 3 layers:
  • The background changes every 1:30 hours and has 14 variants.
  • The character changes every hour with 24 variations.
  • The lines have 8 variants, changing every 45 minutes, and shifts colors every 15 minutes among 3 different colors.
The background and lines are consistent for viewers all around the world, creating a shared experience. However, the character layer is personalized based on your timezone, connecting the artwork to your surroundings.
With a narrow 15-minute time window before changes occur, the likelihood of seeing the exact same composition again is rare. This ensures that each composition is fleeting and makes encountering the same configuration a rare event.
Beauty is not only in visuals but also in its connection to the present moment.

Created using Blender and Midjourney.
Raw version: https://www.hannemaes.com/persistent/quartz/01/raw.html
Arweave: https://lpcq3tjpad4qxjc2c2w4sejl5dohtnrqjwf4b5n5ajh2meqi4laq.arweave.net/W8UNzS8A-QukWhatyREr6Nx5tjBNi8D1vQJPphII4sE/