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In this digital age, it is easy to create and maintain multiple online personas, or "monikers". These monikers allow us to present different versions of ourselves to the world, and to experiment with multiple identities.

The Monikers series explores the duality of online identity. Examining both the freedom and fluidity it offers, as well as raising questions about authenticity and the tension between our online and offline behaviors.

Ultimately, the Monikers series aims to spark a conversation about the complexities of online identity and to challenge the role of technology in shaping our sense of self.


A man swaying to the pull of his surroundings, culture, and past experiences. External factors, affecting his thoughts. His reality gets distorted the harder he tries to make sense of the world around him. Will he have the strength to choose which currents to resist, which influences to follow?

When more of our reality moves online, this strength becomes crucial. Online environments amplify detachment. Echo chambers form, reinforcing specific viewpoints and further distorting perception. But his intentional choices can serve as counterbalance. Will he be able to make a deliberate choice and filter only those influences that contribute to his chosen way of thinking?

Created using Blender, Midjourney and Gimp.
Stored on Arweave, pinned on IPFS.


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This piece serves as an avatar for the people driving the dynamic and rapidly evolving crypto art movement, their nimbleness and adaptability. By staying open to new possibilities and being willing to adapt to changing circumstances, we can help to ensure that this grassroots movement continues to thrive and push boundaries in the years to come. Built from the ground up by individuals who are passionate about the transformative power of art in the digital age, here's to the individuals who are shaping the future of art.

Created using Blender, Midjourney and Krita.
Stored on Arweave, pinned on IPFS.


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The concept of anon accounts, online slang for anonymous accounts, is my base to examine the phenomenon of online disinhibition.

The online disinhibition effect occurs because people feel a sense of anonymity and detachment when communicating online, especially when using an anon account. This can have both a positive and negative effect.
However, it is crucial to recognize that one's online actions can have real-life consequences, even if the interactions are virtual.
Aside from anonymity, several other factors can contribute to online disinhibition, such as the absence of real-time communication, reduced empathy, individual personality and cultural differences.

Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of our online interactions, regardless of the level of anonymity we perceive.

Through vibrant colors, subtle animation and bold strokes, I aim to capture the paradoxical nature of online anonymity.

Created using Blender and Midjourney.
Stored on Arweave, pinned on IPFS.

Community through technology

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This work represents the idea of a group of individuals coming together to achieve something that they could not have accomplished on their own. How technology and digital spaces help facilitate these collective efforts in ways never before possible. This artwork, with all its digital paint strokes, depth and texture, would not exist in this way if all those faces weren't there together.

Created using Blender and Midjourney.
Stored on Arweave, pinned on IPFS.

Behind the scenes

Community through technology