A nod to the past, with an eye toward the future.

"Pique assiette", the mosaic technique of using broken pieces, often from found objects, reinterpreted through a modern lens. Departing from physical materials, I utilize cut-up pieces of AI-generated artworks to emulate the intricacy of mosaics and the textures of natural materials. Paying homage to this rich tradition of craftsmanship while embracing the boundless possibilities of technology.

Through this fusion of past and present, I aim to create a testament to the enduring legacy of artistic innovation.

Labor and Liberty

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Fled the office, vanished into the night.

Created using Midjourney & Gimp.
Stored on Arweave.

Rush and Reflection

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Always hasty, standing still for the first time.

Created using Midjourney, Gimp & Krita.
Stored on Arweave.

Genesis AIssiette

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Inspired by ‘Pique assiette,’ a mosaic technique using broken pieces, I used fragments of AI-generated artworks instead of physical pieces to create this intricate design, merging traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

Created using Midjourney & Inkscape.
Stored on Arweave.