The Wanderers

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About The Wanderers

The greatest story in the metaverse is just beginning, and you've got a lead role.
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Venenum Republic Faction Logo

As a community all wanderers were able to side with a faction and tasked with the creating of a faction logo.
This logo I created got chosen by the community as the official faction logo.

Inspiration for the Logo

As a community the only guideline we got was this descriptive text of our chosen faction, other than that we were free to do with our logo what we wanted.

Once a faction composed of traders, they were displaced from their home-planet by the great arachnid’s arrival. Although they found new planets to settle on, their wealth and their possessions had been left behind in the evacuation.
A bitterness like poison spread through their hearts, a lust for revenge not just against the Arachnid Queen, but against all the factions that had failed to help them in their hour of need.
Using their old trade connections and the bonds of trust they had once forged, they were able to get close to high-ranking members in other factions. Close enough to drop poison into a drink.
So began their change from traders to assassins. From a welcome sight to a paralyzing concern.
It is rumored that even the Guardians come to them when they need a job carried out with great subtlety.
“Death is best served in tiny, painful doses over a very long time.”

Meaning behind different elements