The Whitelist

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About The Whitelist Project

A 250+ ETH DAO with a focus on Digital Art Assets, Our Community, and IRL Access.
Founded by jordanorwood

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My pieces

I was asked to create 2 ultra-rara one-of-one pieces for this drop.

What inspired my 2 pieces was The Whitelist's 2D elements on top of the 3D characters.
I created one piece representing the traditional arts and another as an homage to the digital arts,
especially the 90s aesthetic that is sometimes seen as kitschy,
but without we would not be where we are today in the digital art and NFT world!

The Traditional Artist piece bares my physical signature,
while The Digital Artist pieces bares my digital blockchain signature.
Both represent proof of ownership, but in a totally different way.

The Tradition Artist

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The Digital Artist

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The code scrolling on the character is the code behind the CryptoPunks, the original NFTs.
I tried to make it look like the body is cut out of the shell of the NFT and the viewer gets a peek into the underlying code.
And the QR-code is actually scannable!

Freedom Above Bread

Свобода понад хліб
Freedom above bread

I based this piece on the Ukrainian flag, and especially the meaning behind its colors.

The yellow and blue represent a grain field under a blue sky.
The grain represents bread that in turn represents prosperity, the blue sky stands for freedom.
The freedom is above the bread, so 'freedom above bread'.
I think this saying is very relative for the country today.

The rapid changing patterns represent the rapid changes in the country during the early days of the war.
I was inspired by the meaning behind the flag but went for a way darker
version representing the dark days the country and its people are experiencing.