The Drops

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About The Drops Project

@Nebenzu created The Drops character to function as a canvas for creatives to create their very own version in their own style.
It was born to connect artists and collectors in an intimate space.

The portrait is the minted version.
The full body is unlockable content only accessible to the owner of the piece.

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My Drops

Alla Prima Drop

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For a long time I've been fascinated by the old masters and their craftsmanship.
Part of this fascination comes from what they could do with limited tools and technology.
What could they achieve if they had access to more advanced technology?
What if they could paint in 3D space, or animate their brush strokes?
This is the question I explore trough this work.

Dye Drop

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Final Artworks

Pastel Drop

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Neon Drops

For this drop @Nebenzu teamed up with veefriends for their PLP Project.
Each artist created 2 works of art, 1 to auction and 1 to give away for free to veefriends holders.

Neon Night Drop

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This work was given away for free to a veefriends holder as part of the PLP Project.

Neon Ink Drop

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This work was auctioned as part of the veefriends PLP Project.

Behind the scenes

Dye Drop: Speed Lines

Dye Drop: Paint Shader

Alla Prima Drop: Process